UJA Federation of Greater Toronto


In 1917, following an influx to Toronto of Jewish immigrants escaping anti-Semitism and the pogroms of Eastern Europe, the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies was born. This new Federation replaced the collection of disparate, inefficient Jewish charities that, at the time, raised funds for smaller, individual causes.

Today, almost a hundred years later, The Federation of Jewish Philanthropies continues as UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.

UJA Federation works across the Jewish community in Toronto to grow, nurture and support the Jewish people living here, in Israel and across the globe. By making a collective gift to UJA, the organization, along with its more than 100 partner agencies and schools, builds the strength and unity of Jewish Toronto, while empowering the Jewish people. Our community is able to engage in dialogue more easily, compromise with understanding, work together to achieve common goals, come together, and lead, as needed.

There are great Jewish organizations that are complimentary and deserving of support, but only one organization works across the Jewish community in Toronto to grow, nurture and support the Jews of Toronto and across the globe. That organization is UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. 


UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Tomorrow Campaign is changing Toronto’s landscape in creative and strategic ways, improving our city’s Jewish future forever.

In the downtown core, which continues to witness a tremendous resurgence of Jewish life, the building that housed the Jewish Community Centre and Hillel student centre were in major disrepair.

In the centre of the city – at Bathurst, north of Sheppard, the Bathurst JCC and the Lipa Green Building were experiencing  a volume of usage many times greater than which was ever imagined by their planners.

York Region, the third largest Jewish community in Canada and the fastest-growing community anywhere outside of Israel, contained almost no Jewish infrastructure. In order to ensure a thriving Jewish life in York Region, bold measures were required.

Local visionaries knew that in order to secure a strong Jewish future across the GTA, one of the world’s great urban communities, Jewish Toronto needed new building and facilities to house the programs and initiatives necessary to maintain and grow the momentum of a thriving Jewish future.

This city already has names such as the Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Jewish Community Campus; Sherman Campus, the Miles Nadal JCC, the Wolfond Centre for Jewish Campus Life and many others. With the Tomorrow Campaign, UJA Federation is truly building a new Jewish city.